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Information For Families


It is essential that children attending our centre are healthy. In the interests of other children and staff, children who are deemed unwell by the centre coordinator or delegated staff members must be taken out of care until they are well enough to participate in regular activities.


Sun Protection

Sun screen is applied to all children so as to reduce the risk of them developing skin cancer. If your child has special requirements in this area please let us know. Families must provide a SunSmart hat for their child between August 1 st and May 31 st


No Smoking Policy

Smoking is strictly not permitted in the centre or grounds at any time.


Accidents and Sickness

If children have minor accidents that do not require medical attention (minor grazes, bumps etc) the accident will be recorded on an accident report. The accident reports are placed in the sign in and out folders for parents to read and sign at the end of day. In the event of children becoming unwell during the day, parents or guardians are contacted after which a prompt collection of the child is required.
It is essential that we have at least three emergency phone contacts for us to ring in the event of a child falling ill or having an accident. Parents must keep the centre advised of changes to emergency contacts.


Accidents occuring when parents cannot be contacted

If an emergency arises and it is not possible for centre staff to contact parents, we will arrange for an ambulance to transport the child to hospital. If parents can not be contacted from hospital we will also authorise emergency treatment should that be deemed necessary.


Infectious Diseases

We follow the Guidelines to exclusion from childcare as prescribed by the National Health and Medical Research Council. A complete list of all Infectious diseases and exclusions can be found here

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Administration of medicine

For children who are on prescription medication e.g.: on a course of antibiotics, parents need to request and authorise medicine administration by completing our medication register.
Medicines to be administered need to be shown to staff who will store them in an appropriate way. Non-prescription drugs such as Panadol are treated in the same way as prescription drugs, but will not be used to reduce fever. If your child has a fever, they should not be at the centre.