3 Wootton Cres




We have been providing care to Canberra children since 1993 when the centre was run by my late Mother, Cheryl Woutersz as the Montessori Long Day Care Centre and Montessori House of Learning. in 2013 we experimented with the Steiner Philosophy, and changed the business name to Aurora Children’s Cottage.

In October 2014 I took over the license of the centre after eight years of working here, spending six years as the director. My experience has been mainly in the Montessori Method, and my skills and understanding have been enhanced by the time spent in the Steiner classroom. We have a dedicated team of Early Childhood Educators, who each bring their own inspiration, experiences and interests to the program, with a strong focus on incorporating the interests each child.



We believe that children develop both as individuals and as part of a community. We recognise the Childs family as their primary carers and teachers, and aspire to work co-operatively with them. We see children as Capable, Creative and Kind; Resilient and Resourceful and we encourage them to develop these qualities and to strive for independence. We understand the importance of free play throughout childhood and its role in early learning and in developing a love of learning in later years. We value the home environment as a secure environment for the holistic development of children during early childhood.